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In November, however, we can take a big step toward a more modern Oklahoma by saying YES ON 792.

A yes vote would support the Oklahoma economy by empowering local businesses to operate under comparable legislation as their competitors in neighboring states. Local businesses, like small breweries and wine producers, will be able to grow within the state – creating new local jobs.

Oklahomans will finally have the same access to wine and cold, regular-strength beer as Americans in the vast majority of other states – meaning more convenience and a wider selection of beer and wine throughout the state. Oklahomans will no longer feel the need to shop across borders, creating more in-state revenue.

Voting Yes On 792 means that you want to empower our local businesses, help our fledgling wine industry, boost our local economy, and make life just a little bit easier for responsible adults in Oklahoma.

Join our coalition of businesses, organizations and consumers across the state.



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It’s time for Oklahoma to move past antiquated prohibition era laws and toward modernization. 

We can do that together by voting Yes On 792 in November.

Our state’s current system doesn’t allow for the sale of wine and regular, refrigerated beer in grocery or convenience stores; or allow liquor stores to offer cold beer or non-alcoholic products like ice, mixers or even corkscrews.